Showcase your band or choir’s talents and dedication this winter by performing the National Anthem in front of an enthusiastic crowd of up to 4,400 Firebirds fans!

By participating, your group will not only create lasting memories but also contribute to fundraising efforts and gain valuable exposure for your program. If your music has the power to inspire a Firebirds victory, join us for an evening of enjoyment as you perform the national anthem in front of thousands of passionate Firebirds fans every night. Alternatively, if you’re a band, you’ll have nearly 35 minutes of performance time available during the game.

In addition to your performance opportunity, the Flint Firebirds offer ticket voucher fundraisers for youth organizations, causes, schools, church groups, athletic teams, and non-profit organizations every season. Silver level ticket vouchers can be sold at an excellent rate and can be used at any of our 2019-20 home games at the newly renovated Dort Financial Center. This not only allows supporters to contribute funds to your group but also provides them with a fun night out and an unforgettable experience.



Here’s How It Works:

You can buy fundraising tickets through the fundraiser you’re backing. Your organization can sell these ticket vouchers for $15 each, and you’ll retain $3-$5 from every sale, depending on the number of tickets sold (with a minimum of 50 tickets).

Please fill out the form below, and a representative from Firebirds will get in touch with you shortly to guide you through the straightforward steps for organizing an outstanding event while supporting a worthy cause!

At the Flint Firebirds, we’re excited for your leadership in helping us achieve victory and igniting the spirit of Flint!



Inquire About Performing at a Firebirds Game

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    *Please upload a .mp3 file of your previous performances if applicable