QMJHL Education Policy






The QMJHL is actually 18 teams scattered throughout Québec, the Atlantic Provinces and New England. There are more than four hundred (400) players from 16 to 20 years old, teens or young adults aiming for the heights of professional hockey, while carrying on high school, collegial, or university education.

Even though challenging, junior hockey and education are quite compatible, as school results concretely show us, every year. For instance, out of the 100 players ending their junior training period, more than twenty keep trying for professional hockey, whereas at least fifty of them immediately carry on university, professional, or technical education, in order to learn trades or professions suited to the full extent of their talents. Each year, the QMJHL grants more than $400,000 in scholarships to over a hundred of its graduates.

In the spring of 2005, after long collective reflection, the league wrote down its practices concerning the players’ education, and has adopted a policy that will consolidate the teams’ actions and from which are established the main rules governing the teams academic mission.

The education policy will introduce the players to their rights and obligations when studying and playing in the QMJHL. The parents also will be aware that their sons need their support as much as they do from the team in which they will grow, while pursuing their educational development.

League Schedules
Sunday January 25
SBY 0 0 NB
CAP at SNB 2:00 EST
SSM at GUE 2:00 EST
KIT at MISS 2:00 EST
BAR at NIA 2:00 EST
ERIE at OS 2:00 EST
BAT at MON 3:00 EST
PA at SAS 3:00 EST
ROU at BAC 4:00 EST
SHE at BLB 4:00 EST
RIM at CHI 4:00 EST
HAL at DRU 4:00 EST
VDO at GAT 4:00 EST
PBO at BELV 4:05 EST
VAN at CAL 6:00 EST
MH at EDM 6:00 EST
LDN at OSH 6:05 EST
SAR at WSR 7:00 EST
PG at KTN 8:00 EST
TC at POR 8:00 EST
SEA at SPO 8:05 EST

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