Fleaburn Appearance Requests


On September 19, 2009, the Sea Dogs kicked off their Fifth Anniversary Season by going back to the future in introducing a new mascot to replace the retiring Splash. Former Saint John Flames mascot Fleaburn made his debut at the Season V Home Opener against Cape Breton. Fleaburn has quickly gotten back into ‘game shape’ following his multi-year absence from the limelight and has been a welcome addition to Sea Dogs Nation.

Today, Fleaburn is a lovable and energetic mascot that has won the hearts of countless people in the Saint John community. Fleaburn is a true ambassador of the Saint John Sea Dogs, actively participating in various community events, and bringing joy to people of all ages. From charity fundraisers to school visits, Fleaburn is always ready to spread happiness and cheer wherever he goes.

During Sea Dogs home games, Fleaburn becomes a focal point for fans, entertaining the crowds with his playful antics and dance moves. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he never fails to get everyone on their feet and cheering for the home team.

Fleaburn’s role as the Saint John Sea Dogs’ mascot goes beyond just entertainment. He represents the team’s commitment to community involvement and their dedication to making a positive impact on the city of Saint John.


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