Statement from the Canadian Hockey League

Toronto – The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is one of the world’s premier amateur hockey leagues and is considered the top –tiered league within the Canadian amateur hockey structure.  Through our leading edge player development, education and health and safety programs, we provide our 1,400 players with the training and support they need regardless of whether they continue to play hockey after the CHL or pursue other career paths.


Our 60 clubs operate with the best interest of the players in mind, at all times.  It is estimated the net value, or investment, for each player in the league is between $35,000 -40,000 annually.  This accounts for the education program, and the many other benefits provided by CHL member Clubs.


The CHL vehemently disagrees with the recent allegations made by Georges Laraque on behalf of the Canadian Hockey League Player’s Association (CHLPA).  Mr. Laraque, knows better than anyone, the investment that we make in each of our players and our commitment to ensuring that the player’s amateur hockey experience is maximized.


We firmly believe that our Teams have always acted in accordance with all applicable provincial and federal laws and will continue to do so.


The CHL is charged with ensuring that our players, who are between the ages of 16-20 are protected.  We have no interest in doing anything that would jeopardize their experience.  That is why, more than eight weeks ago, we communicated with Mr Laraque that prior to any meeting with the CHLPA we needed to understand who is behind the organization, how the organization operates and to be provided with a copy of their mandate.  We have not heard back from the CHLPA.


In terms of any organizing drive by the CHLPA, we have and will continue to operate within the legal guidelines.  This is without exception.  We will however continue to tell our players and their families that before they agree to anything that they do their research into the CHLPA, who is behind it.  We do not believe that any third party can provide programs and support better than what the CHL currently voluntarily provides to our players, through our member teams.

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