From the Point: ICE defenceman Carson Lambos


Winnipeg ICE defenceman Carson Lambos recently sat down with Junior Hockey Magazine to discuss his team’s entry into the Regina hub, how he stayed busy during the extended offseason, and how he is readying himself for this year’s NHL Draft:

Junior Hockey Magazine: Tell us about life in the bubble.

Carson Lambos: We got here a couple weeks ago. Prior to when we got here, our whole team was in quarantine for a week and then we quarantined in the dorms for another week, which was definitely not the fastest week, but it was what it was. It is part of the sacrifice that we have to make to play hockey this year. We have been practicing for about five or six days now and I am loving being around my teammates. We have such an awesome group of guys. I am really enjoying it.

JHM: Does that mean you get to interact with the other teams and players now?

CL: Things are still pretty strict right now. It is masks everywhere unless you are on the ice. The only time you see other teams is when you are playing against them. We haven’t had access to a common area yet but I think as we get a few more negative COVID-19 tests, we can maybe get to that point. It is still pretty strict rules as of right now but I am hoping for things to loosen up as time progresses.

JHM: What is it like facing off against your brother Jonny with the Wheat Kings?

CL: It is awesome. We played each other eight or nine times last year and it is a lot of fun. Our parents won’t be in the crowd this time, but he and I grew up training and doing everything together so to play against him at this level is something that I really enjoy and really hope that maybe one of us can make the other look bad out there.

JHM: What was it like playing overseas ahead of the season?

CL: I went in October and played with the under-20s in Finland for 15 or 16 games, and then toward the end portion I joined the pro team for a couple of games before coming back here. It was an awesome experience to get to see a different part of the world and experience hockey culture in a different way. You see how the game is so much bigger than just the Western Hockey League and the Canadian Hockey League. It is worldwide. I thought it was pretty cool to see that and to see how hard that people are working around the world to make the common goal that I have. I really enjoyed it and I don’t think it is something that I will ever forget.

JHM: What has it been like for you to prepare for the NHL Draft given the uncertainty?

CL: I think the hardest thing mentally was not knowing when you can get games in and having the opportunity to showcase yourself. That was a little bit worrisome at the start of the year, but I was fortunate enough to get in some games in Europe, and now being in this bubble, we have 24 games. It is not a full season but I think it will be something I am really going to enjoy and really embrace that challenge of a short season to showcase myself. I don’t think I pay too much mind to when the NHL Draft will be or where it will be. Right now my biggest concern is I just want to play good and help my team win. Everything that comes with the draft will follow.

JHM: Give me your own personal scouting report on yourself as a player.

CL: I think I play a pretty mature game. I take pride in my play in the defensive zone. I can make plays in the offensive zone. I can play a quiet game against the other team’s top line but if I have offensive opportunities, I can exploit the defence at times as well.

JHM: Who in the NHL do you emulate your game after?

CL: I think Jake Muzzin is someone who I see myself as at the NHL level. I think if I am lucky enough to play at that level, that is the style I would play. He plays against the other team’s best players on a lot of nights. He also contributes offensively. He may not always be flashy but he makes good plays and he plays hard.

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