Fans can find information on Flint Firebirds Ontario Hockey League (OHL) trades, draft picks, and free-agent signings below:

Date  Transaction
9/15/23  G Patrick Sutherland commits to Flint
9/7/23  F Markas Samenas commits to Flint
9/6/23  D Rylan Fellinger commits to Flint
9/5/23  D Mason Taylor commits to Flint
7/7/23  D Jack D’Arcy commits to Flint
6/21/23  Flint acquires six draft picks from Barrie
 Flint trades prospect Patterson to Colts
5/25/23  F Max Anderson commits to Flint
5/16/23  F Jimmy Lombardi commits to Flint
5/10/23  F Jeremy Martin commits to Flint
4/26/23  Flint adds 3 new prospects in U-18 Draft
4/22/23  Flint adds 18 new prospects in OHL Priority Selection
2023-24 Transactions ^
1/31/23  D Grayden Strohack commits to Flint
1/10/23  Flint acquires F Dann
 Flint trades six draft picks to Niagara
12/8/22  G Jacob Brown commits to Flint
11/30/22  Flint acquires D Smith, 5th in ’25
 Flint trades D D’Amato, 8th in ’23 to Oshawa
11/18/22  Flint acquires 2nd in ’23, 3rd in ’25, 5th in ’23
 Flint trades D Petrovski to Owen Sound
11/12/22  Flint acquires D Guryev, 2nd in ’24, 3rd in ’23, 3rd in ’26
 Flint trades F Othmann to Peterborough
10/25/22  Flint acquires 13th in ’23, cond. 10th in ’25 
 Flint trades G Michelone to Windsor
10/24/22  Flint acquires D Stojkov
 Flint trades 12th in ’23 from Peterborough
10/3/22  Flint acquires 5th in ’23, 6th in ’24, 4th in ’25
 Flint trades OA F Panwar to Peterborough
9/30/22  Flint acquires 7th in ’23
 Flint trades F Petrou to Oshawa
9/15/22  Flint acquires 12th in ’23
 Flint trades prospect F Stewart to Niagara
9/14/22  F Daks Klinkhammer commits to Flint
 D Matthew Jenken commits to Flint
9/8/22  Flint acquires G Piroski
 Flint trades 14th in ’24 to Niagara
8/10/22  Flint acquires 12th in ’23
 Flint trades D Dylan Bly to Guelph
7/20/22  D Reed Gee commits to Flint
7/18/22  LW Nathan Aspinall commits to Flint
6/30/22  Flint acquires G Cranley
 Flint trades conditional 15th in ’26 to Ottawa
6/29/22  F Alex Bradshaw commits to Flint
6/7/22  C Kaden Pitre commits to Flint
6/6/22  G Luke Cavallin signs AHL Deal with Toronto Marlies
5/6/22  Flint adds 3 new prospects in U-18 Draft
4/30/22  Flint adds 18 new prospects in OHL Priority Selection
2022-23 Season Transactions ^
1/10/22  Flint acquires F Bradshaw
 Flint trades 13th in ’22 to Erie
1/5/22  F Ethan Keppen assigned to Flint from Abbotsford (AHL)
1/3/22  D Marcus Gretz signs pro contract in Germany
12/28/21  F Simon Slavicek commits to Flint
10/6/21  Flint acquires F Bertuzzi
 Flint trades conditional 4th & 7th in ’25 to Hamilton
10/1/21  Flint acquires 3rd in ’22, 6th in ’23, 10th in ’24
 Flint trades F Morgan to London
9/15/21  G Nathaniel Day commits to Flint
 D Michael MacLean commits to Flint
 G Ian Michelone commits to Flint
 D James Petrovski commits to Flint
 F Owen Pitters commits to Flint
9/14/21  Flint acquires D James Mayotte
 Flint trades 6th in ’25 to North Bay
9/14/21  Flint acquires a 6th in ’23, conditional 12th in ’24
 Flint trades D Jack Harper to Guelph
9/10/21  Flint acquires F Coulson Pitre
 Flint trades a conditional 6th and a 15th in ’23
6/25/21  F Ethan Hay Commits to Flint
6/18/21  D Tristan Bertucci Commits to Flint
2021-22 Season Transactions ^
11/25/20  Flint assigns G Nixon to affiliate, Leamington
11/24/20  Flint grants Othmann conditional temporary transfer to EHC Olten (Swiss.)
11/5/20  Flint acquires a conditional 4th in ’21 from Kitchener
 Flint trades F Wismer to Kitchener
9/30/20  D Dmitry Kuzmin commits to Flint
9/21/20  Flint acquires F Sahil Panwar
 Flint trades LDN’s 4th in ’21 to London
6/16/20  Flint acquires D Terry from Guelph
 Flint trades NIAG’s 3rd in ’23 & HAM’s 5th in ’23 to Guelph
5/28/20  D Luca D’Amato Commits to Flint
5/12/20  G Chazz Nixon Commits to Flint
5/10/20  F Ty Petrou Commits to Flint
5/1/20  F Amadeus Lombardi Commits to Flint
4/27/20  F Gavin Hayes Commits to Flint
4/8/20  Flint adds 3 new prospects in U-18 OHL Draft
4/4/20  Flint selects 14 new prospects in 2020 OHL Draft
1/9/20  Flint acquires F Yule from Ottawa
 Flint trades 8th in ’21 to Ottawa
1/7/20  Flint acquires D Tucker and F Piercey from Barrie
 Flint trades F Vierling and 2nd in ’23 & ’24 to Barrie
11/25/19  Flint trades Holmes to Quebec Remparts (QMJHL)
10/12/19  Flint acquires D Owen Lalonde from Guelph
 Firebirds trade MIS 2nd in ’21, FLNT 2nd in ’22, cond. HAM 2nd in ’24 & FLNT 5th in ’22
9/13/19  G Peyton Grainer Commits to Flint
9/11/19  F Zacharie Giroux Commits to Flint
9/3/19  Flint acquires G Anthony Popovich from Guelph
 Firebirds trade 3rd in ’20 and OSH 5th in ’20 to GUE
8/15/19  Flint acquires GUE 3rd in ’20 and conditional 5th in ’23
 Firebirds trade F Uba to Guelph
8/7/19  Flint acquires OSH 8th in ’23
 Firebirds trade F Winterton to Oshawa 
7/11/19  F Evgeniy Oksentyuk Commits to Flint
7/9/19  D Jack Harper Commits to Flint
6/27/19  Flint selects F Evgeniy Oksentyuk in CHL Import Draft
6/20/19  F Braeden Kressler Commits to Flint
6/17/19  F Brennan Othmann Commits to Flint
4/10/19  Flint adds 3 new prospects in U-18 OHL Draft
4/6/19  Flint selects 15 new prospects in 2019 OHL Draft
2019-20 Season Transactions ^
1/10/19  Flint acquires F Emmet Pierce from London
 Firebirds trade conditional 6th in ’21 to Knights
1/7/19  Flint acquires HAM 5th in ’20 and conditional HAM 4th in ’24
 Firebirds trade F Jenik’s trading rights to Hamilton
1/5/19  Flint acquires 2nd in ’21, 2nd in ’24 and conditional’s 3rd in ’22 & 5th in ’22
 Firebirds trade D Gordeev to Guelph
1/4/19  D Tyler Deline Commits to Flint
1/1/19  Flint acquires F Cody Morgan from Windsor
 Firebirds trade 2nd in ’20 and 4th in ’21
1/1/19  Flint acquires 4th round pick in ’24 OHL Draft from Mississauga
 Firebirds trade C.J. Clarke to Mississauga
10/2/18  Flint acquires F Rowe from London
 Firebirds trade a conditional 3rd round pick (HAM) in ’20 OHL Draft
10/2/18  Flint claims D Kolyachonok off OHL Waivers
 Firebirds release D Alexandrov
9/25/18  Flint acquires D Bangs from London
 Firebirds trade Sudbury’s 3rd round pick in ’19 OHL Draft to London
8/2/18  Flint acquires G Vella from Mississauga
 Firebirds trade 5th round pick in ’19 OHL Draft to Mississauga
7/17/18  D Michael Bianconi Commits to Flint
6/28/18  Flint selects F Jan Jeník in CHL Import Draft
6/13/18  F Jacob Winterton Commits to Flint
6/5/18  F Evan Vierling Commits to Flint
4/11/18  Flint adds 2 new prospects in U-18 OHL Draft
4/7/18  Flint selects 15 new prospects in 2018 OHL Draft
2018-19 Season Transactions ^
1/9/18  Flint acquires D McCourt, Ham 2nd (’23), Ham 5th (’23) & HAM 2nd (’24)* from  Hamilton
 Firebirds trade D Mattinen to Hamilton
12/27/17  F Eric Uba Commits to Flint
11/25/17  Flint acquires F Roberts, HAM 2nd (’19), SUD 3rd (’19) & HAM’s 3rd (’20) from Hamilton
 Firebirds trade forward’s Nick Caamano and Ryan Moore to Hamilton
10/31/17  Firebirds Call-Up G Evan Morrison
10/17/17  Flint acquires KIT 2nd (’19), SSM 2nd (’20), KIT 5th (’20) & KIT 3rd (’21)
 Firebirds trade RW Sherwood to Kitchener
10/12/17  Columbus reassigns RW Sherwood to Flint
9/19/17  Flint acquires D Mattinen from London
 Firebirds trade 3rd (’18), 2nd (’19), 2nd (’20) to London
 9/7/17  F Kyle Harris Commits to Flint
 7/12/17  F Jack Wismer Commits to Flint
 7/5/17  D Zack Pilon Commits to Flint
 6/28/17  Firebirds Select D Alexandrov in CHL Import Draft
 6/20/17  Flint acquires F Kislinger from North Bay
 Firebirds trade 15th/6th round conditional pick in 2020 OHL Draft
 Flint releases D Michal Steinocher
 6/19/17  G Luke Cavallin Commits to Flint
 6/14/17  D Marcus Gretz Commits to Flint
 5/31/17  F Ethan Keppen Commits to Flint
 4/12/17  Flint adds 5 new prospects in inaugural U-18 OHL Draft
 4/8/17  Flint selects 16 new prospects in 2017 OHL Draft
2017-18 Season Transactions ^ 
 1/9/17  Flint acquires F Clarke from Peterborough
 Firebirds trade Guelph’s 2nd round & Niagara’s 3rd-round in 2018
 1/9/17  Flint releases F Johnstone
 1/7/17  Flint releases F Mercer
 1/6/17  Flint acquires F Colella from North Bay
 Firebirds trade Mississauga’s 5th round pick in 2019
 10/6/16  Flint releases G Menna and F Reynolds
 9/29/16  Flint acquires Bluejackets NHL Prospect F Kole Carter from London
 Firebirds trade 2 picks to London 
 9/29/16  Flint acquires 5th round pick in 2020 from Oshawa
 Flint trades D Di Carlo to Oshawa
 9/28/16  Flint acquires D Gordeev, G Hicks & 2 Picks from Hamilton
 Flint trades F Bitten to Hamilton
 9/9/16  Flint acquires Oshawa’s 2nd round pick (2017)
 Flint trades G Kyle Keyser to Oshawa
 9/2/16  F Durham, F Littlejohn & G Forrest Commit to Firebirds
 7/5/16  F Jack Phibbs commits to Flint
 6/30/16  Flint acquires D Jalen Smereck from Oshawa
 Flint trades three picks to Oshawa
 6/28/16  Flint selects D Steinocher & F Vesalainen in CHL Import Draft
 6/24/16  Flint acquires F Everett Clark from Mississauga & potentially 3 picks
 Flint trades D Vili Saarijarvi to Mississauga
 6/24/16  D Dennis Busby Commits to Flint
 6/22/16  Flint acquires Sarnia’s 7th round pick (2017) + 2 Conditionals
 Flint trades rights to F Jack Roslovic to London
 6/6/16  F Hunter Holmes Commits to Flint
 5/26/16  F Ty Dellandrea Commits to Flint
 4/9/16  Flint Drafts 14 Players in 2016 OHL Draft
2016-17 Season Transactions ^
 1/8/16  Flint acquires G Matthiew Menna from Sudbury
 Flint trades 7th round pick in 2017 to Sudbury
 1/8/16  Flint acquires F Keenan Reynolds from Owen Sound
 Flint trades 5th round pick in 2017 to Owen Sound
 1/3/16  Flint acquires F Luke Kirwan from Windsor
 Flint trades F Connor Chatham, 2nd & 4th round pick in 2017 to Windsor
 12/7/15  Flint acquires G Brent Moran from Niagara
Flint trades G Nedeljkovic and D Wesley to Niagara
 12/2/15  Flint acquires G Brendan Johnston from Windsor
Flint trades 6th round pick in 2017 to Windsor
 11/14/15  Flint Releases F Vince Scognamiglio
 11/6/15  Flint Adds F Stephan Seeger
 10/21/15  Flint acquires 7th round pick in 2017 OHL Draft
 Flint trades F Bryce Yetman to Sault Ste. Marie
 10/21/15  Flint acquires 4th round pick in 2017 OHL Draft
 Flint trades G Zach Bowman to Sudbury
 10/12/15  Flint releases D Tyler Sensky
 9/2/15  Flint gains a total of 8 draft picks
 Flint trades F Ryan McLeod to Mississauga
 8/10/15  Flint acquires F Grzelewski from London
 Flint trades 3rd round pick to London (2016)
 7/1/15  Flint acquires D Pittman from Ottawa
 Flint trades 5th round pick to Ottawa (2016)
 6/30/15  Flint selects D Saarijarvi & F Kantner in CHL Import Draft
 5/3/15  G Kyle Keyser commits to Flint
 5/3/15  D Samuel Duchesne commits to Flint
 4/10/15  Owen Sound trades 7th & 12th round picks to Flint (2015)
 Flint trades 6th & 11th round picks to Owen Sound (2016)
2015-16 Season Transactions ^