Ryan Ellis
Windsor Spitfires
Name Ryan Ellis
Number 6
Position Defence
Shoots Right
Height 5.10"
Weight 179
Birthdate January 3, 1991
CHL Status
NHL Status
League Schedules
Saturday February 28
BLB at SHE 4:00 EST
DRU at VDO 4:00 EST
CAP at CHI 4:00 EST
CHA at MON 6:00 EST
GAT at SNB 6:00 EST
SHA at ROU 7:00 EST
NB at NIA 7:00 EST
OSH at BELV 7:05 EST
KGN at PBO 7:05 EST
OTT at PLY 7:05 EST
LDN at SAG 7:11 EST
MISS at BAR 7:30 EST
ERIE at OS 7:30 EST
REG at MJ 8:00 EST
MH at SC 8:00 EST
KTN at BDN 8:30 EST
LET at RD 9:00 EST
VAN at KAM 10:00 EST
PG at EVT 10:05 EST
CAL at KEL 10:05 EST
POR at SEA 10:05 EST
TC at SPO 10:05 EST

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